Installing FineReader Engine 11 serial number error

  • Last Post 30 August 2016
KYR posted this 27 August 2016

Am trying to install the 60 day trial of ABBYY FineReader Engine 11 but when am using the install wizard when I get to the page that you enter the serial number when I enter the number and click next a pop up indicates an "error" the the install stops.

How do I fix this? (the correct serial number is being entered - tried this 3 times with the same results)

Oksana Serdyuk posted this 30 August 2016

To better assist you, please send to the following information:

  1. The country of your stay.
  2. The serial number of your copy of the program.
  3. The detailed description of the issue with the error message screenshot.
  4. The file with extension *.NFO which contains information about using system. You can find this file launched from the command line msinfo32 -> menu File -> Save As.