How do you access details for handwriting recognition results?

  • Last Post 02 September 2016
arkeele posted this 01 September 2016

I am using the FineReader Engine SDK to recognize handwritten characters. After setting up my FRDocument, Layout, TextBlock, and running frDocument.Recognize(), I was able to find the recognized text in the frDocument.PlainText.Text property, so it appears to be working.

However, I thought there would be additional data for each recognized character in the textBlock.Text.Paragraphs property. After running frDocument.Recognize() the textBlock.Text.Paragraphs.Count property was 1, but textBlock.Text.Paragraphs.Item(0).Length was 0 and textBlock.Text.Paragraphs.Item(0).Text was null.

Is there any way to extract more detailed information for each recognized handwritten character (such as recognition scores, character size/position, etc.)?

Oksana Serdyuk posted this 02 September 2016

These information is supported only for the printed text, for which automatic layout analysis and synthesis are available.