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evgeny posted this 11 September 2016

Hi, i'm planning to purchase the 10,000 pages subscription.

i sent a few files (phone screenshots) and 3 out of 10 returned an empty or almost empty output.

For example this attached image:alt text processImage with default settings and language = "Hebrew,English" returns "□ ס נ>" as a result.

The text in the image looks very clear. Is there any reason for this? And is there anything i can change in the settings to fix it?

Thank you


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Oksana Serdyuk posted this 12 September 2016

Please try to use the textExtraction profile (the documentConversion profile is used as a default value).

evgeny posted this 13 September 2016

Hi Oksana, i already tried that before i wrote you the first time but i did it again:

settings.language = "Hebrew,English"; // Can be comma-separated list, e.g. "German,French". settings.profile ="textExtraction"; settings.exportFormat = "txt";

and the result is the same: "□ ס נ>". And 2 more out of 10 files (which look ok) returned an empty text. Here is one of them: alt text

Please help))

Thank you


Oksana Serdyuk posted this 13 September 2016

According to our database, you still use the documentConversion profile. Kindly make sure that you use the recommended parameters. Please use any HTTP debugger to debug your code.

Moreover, when I use the textExtraction profile, I can get the recognized text.

evgeny posted this 14 September 2016

Hi Oksana, you are right, i copied your code in ocrsdk.js and there was no handling for "profile" parameter.

Now it looks much better.

hank you