OutprocLoader and C++

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ariscris posted this 10 January 2013

Hi, I'm trying to use the out of process loader for a C++ server application. I've only found a C# example in the knowledge base. I've tried #import but am still having problems. Has anyone already done this?

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Dmitry Me posted this 11 January 2013

Using #import should work. What specific problems do you face?

ariscris posted this 15 January 2013

I learned how to do this via a different support method. Here are the key lines in order to help the next person with a similar issue.

#import "FREngine.tlb"

const CLSID CLSID_InprocLoader = {0x100020D2,0x0000,0x1056,0x97,0x6E,0x00,0x80,0x48,0xD5,0x3A,0xE3};
const CLSID CLSID_OutprocLoader = {0x100020D3,0x0000,0x1056,0x97,0x6E,0x00,0x80,0x48,0xD5,0x3A,0xE3};
const IID IID_IEngineLoader = {0x100010EC,0x0000,0x1056,0x97,0x6E,0x00,0x80,0x48,0xD5,0x3A,0xE3};

IUnknown* pUnknown;
checkResult(CoCreateInstance(CLSID_OutprocLoader, NULL, CLSCTX_LOCAL_SERVER, IID_IUnknown, (void **)(&pUnknown)));

FREngine::IEngineLoaderPtr engineLoader;
checkResult(pUnknown->QueryInterface( IID_IEngineLoader, (void **)(&engineLoader)));

_engine = engineLoader->GetEngineObject(frengineLicenseKey, "", "");

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