Mobile OCR Engine: Recognize OCR-A and OCR-B

  • Last Post 08 November 2016
Tarrew posted this 07 November 2016


i'd like to use the Mobile OCR Engine for Android to recognize OCR-A and OCR-B characters on cheques. I got a trial and i found some examples how to use the SDK for languages like english etc. However i couldn't find any example for 'special' fonts like OCR-A and OCR-B.

Hope someone can give me an example how to accomplish this.

Best regards

Oksana Serdyuk posted this 08 November 2016

In general, these two fonts are not supported in Mobile OCR Engine, but they can be partially recognized. Some OCR-A characters, which are alike normal in appearance, might be recognized correctly from time to time. OCR-B is a very similar font to normal one, thus such characters can be usually recognized rather accurately.