Separating documents with barcode on

  • Last Post 17 November 2016
Gooral posted this 14 November 2016

how can I control a process in which I upload to the, page by page of the scanned documents, marked by barcode on the first page of the each document and get back multipage readable pdf's as the result


Oksana Serdyuk posted this 17 November 2016

Please sorry for not coming back earlier.

I can offer you the following scenario, but you have to process the images twice: at the first time – in order to find the pages with barcodes, and at the second time – for performing full-page recognition of all pages and further exporting them to multi-page searchable PDF files.

At first you can recognize your images page by page using the processImage method with the barcodeRecognition profile as a parameter. In this way you will find out which pages contain the barcodes. So you can determine the first page for your documents.

At the second stage you need to use the processDocument method. This method allows to process several images using the same settings and obtain recognition result as a multi-page document. Before calling this method, you should upload your images in right order to the task using the submitImage method. Thus you can split your documents by the pages with barcodes during uploading the images. Regarding the processing parameters, set the pdfSearchable export format to get the desired output.