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  • Last Post 19 January 2017
Deeptanshu Singhvi posted this 27 November 2016


I have applied for free usage of the ABBYY SDK as a student and haven't received a response - I was wondering what I could do to expedite the process ?


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Oksana Serdyuk posted this 28 November 2016

You have been refused in the membership of ABBYY Students Program due to non-compliance with Terms and conditions. To get the free package, you should publish an overview of your project at your website, personal blog, Facebook page, LinkedIn account, or any other online resource, with a link to In the overview, you should describe the project’s purpose and the way the OCR technology can make it better.

Deeptanshu Singhvi posted this 05 December 2016

Hi, I have resubmitted my application and was wondering if I can get the approval now.

Oksana Serdyuk posted this 07 December 2016

Unfortunately, we still cannot approve your request, because your website and the description of your project does not satisfy this program conditions. First of all, your website is not a blog or social network, this is an empty web page with a link to The page has zero attendance and the project description is very poor.

For example, you can post your project overview at your personal blog, Facebook page, LinkedIn account, the University forum, or any other online social resource. The overview should include more details and be at least half page.

Deeptanshu Singhvi posted this 18 January 2017

Hi Oksana - I have fixed the issues mentioned above and submitted an application. Was wondering what you thought now?

Oksana Serdyuk posted this 19 January 2017

We are checking your description. It can take some time.