Android N .so not found

  • Last Post 06 December 2016
iam posted this 05 December 2016

Hi! I trying to add BCR SDK to android. Everything works perfectly on all devices, but with Android API since 24 (N) App crashes on trying to initialize lib on startup, because ".so" files not found. It has written on official android developers website, that since android n namespaces are changing and developers could use only public APIs - . I think my error is thrown with this changes. How can I resolve this?

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IvanPopov posted this 06 December 2016

If we understand correctly, in your application you are using the Android wrapper for ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine. Unfortunately, we have been unable to reproduce the issue on our side.

Could you please clarify what exactly the issue is (e.g. a screenshot or text of the error message)? Does it occur in a simulator, on a device or both?

iam posted this 06 December 2016

Hmm, I've edited question. Not understand where are the addition. I've wrote that I resolve this. Problem was not for 24+ API, but for x64 CPU. Gradle try to find lib in corresponding folder. I force disable x64 folders with gradle defaultConfig { ... ndk { abiFilters "armeabi", "armeabi-v7a", "x86" } } and all became work fine