How do I create non-developer accounts for my customers

  • Last Post 06 February 2017
SCOTT_MALYON posted this 01 February 2017


We have implemented your cloud API into our existing application and would like our customers to make use of the ocr facility against accounts they manage themselves, we don't want to add credit to our account which we then sell on.

We have looked around but cannot see a way to create non-developer accounts which these customers would add our application to to get an ID and password which our application would use to access their account.

Have we got it all wrong?

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Anna Fedyushkina posted this 03 February 2017


The best solution for you is the following:

Each of your customer should create his own account in Cloud OCR SDK. When working with your application he should be able to enter his Application ID and Application Password. After that you can work with this information as described in the article:

SCOTT_MALYON posted this 06 February 2017

Hi Anna,

That was going to be my fullback solution, so thanks for confirming it.