About load, unload and special characters

  • Last Post 04 February 2013
cidagoo posted this 23 January 2013

Im developing Java application on 64bit Windows system via the engine, i have several questions :

1 - As default, engine checks the "$USER\AppData\Local\Temp\win\x64" directory for "FREngine.Jni.dll" How can i set dll directory before load engine?

2 - When i trying unload the engine, "FREngine.exe" still works. If i reload the engine there are more "FREngine.exe". How can i properly unload the engine?

engine = engineLoader.GetEngineObject(ConfigOcr.GetDeveloperSN(), null, null);

3 - And finally i think i have some problem with spacial characters,

firstly i tried to export ocred pages as text, exported texts are good. Now i need to use the texts in application :

String pageText = this.document.getPages().getElement(i).getPlainText().getText();

i cant see new line characters in "pageText" String, so each line seems contiguous, are there any method read texts like exported?

Andrey Isaev posted this 04 February 2013

Please split your question to three separate questions http://forum.ocrsdk.com/faq/