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etipaced posted this 29 January 2013

I want to signup for one of the pricing plans but when I'm taken to PayPal to submit payment, PayPal won't let me continue with the checkout process and directs me to contact the merchant (ABBYY OCR SDK). I'm trying to use my company's American Express card. Does ABBYY OCR SDK not accept AMEX?

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Anastasia Galimova posted this 31 January 2013

Dear etipaced,

ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK should accept American Express card, as our site does not work with credit cards directly, the payments are performed via PayPal, and PayPal accepts American Express.

To let us investigate the issue, please provide us the following information.

To make a payment, it is necessary to follow the link from the letter, that should be send to the e-mail on which your account is registered.

The letter looks like this:

Billed To:

VAT Reg. No.: ...

Receipt Date: 2013.01.16 19:24 GMT

Dear username,

Thank you for choosing ABBYY FineReader Online. You have placed order No. 111 to purchase the following products:

Volume Pack M (1000 pages) for Application Aardvark - 69.99 USD

Total amount: 69.99 USD (inc. 15% VAT 9.13 USD)

To make a payment, follow this link: Please note that your purchase will only be completed after your payment is processed successfully. You will then receive a separate confirmation of your purchase. …

Your ABBYY Online team

Have you received this letter and followed the link from it that looks like

Looking forward to hearing from you.

etipaced posted this 01 February 2013

The resolution was to signup for a PayPal account. Apparently the checkout procedure requires this even though I've made purchases via PayPal before without having an account. FYI in case anyone else encounters this issue.

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Anastasia Galimova posted this 04 February 2013

Thank you so much for the information! Could you please write the error message you got during the purchasing process, if it is still possible? Our developers asked for it to fix the issue in the future.