Seven Segment recognition

  • Last Post 18 March 2013
Steve Schauer posted this 09 February 2013

Is there any way to support seven segment LCD characters? I tried a sample image but it was not recognized.

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Andrey Isaev posted this 10 February 2013

can you share image sample?

Anastasia Galimova posted this 13 February 2013

Dear Steve,

The provided photo could not be recognized completely because of geometrical and color distortions (mainly in the second line).

The first line could be recognized as "5892" with the following request

if you will crop it like this alt text. The second line could be recognized with the same request as "186^0" (^ means undefined symbol), if you will crop and rotate it like this alt text.

Hope the information is helpful!

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willemm posted this 27 February 2013

i have a similar issue:

using sample app i obviously crop only the lcd display(as per your suggestion) but the result is illegible(text output > noi'IBi) and i cannot find a complete sample in the documentation i can use to figure out how to configure the proper api-call in order to return a legible result?

Vitalie posted this 28 February 2013

I think this is not issue but it is the distorsion of the aspect... I corrected image from the first post in Photoshop. Do you see the difference?

alt text

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Anastasia Galimova posted this 18 March 2013

Dear Steve and Willemm, could you clarify what kind of pictures you are going to send for the recognition: the same as you have posted, or you have an opportunity to preprocess it first? Can you crop your images to leave the digits only or at least take a picture with as large digits as it is possible? We are able to train Cloud OCR SDK to recognize seven segment font, but to find this font on a large image is much more difficult task.