Does could OCR SDK have a feature of the pattern training?

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Ban posted this 14 March 2013

Thanks Ban

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Andrey Isaev posted this 15 March 2013

Please specify: pattern of what? Character? Document layout? etc.

Ban posted this 16 March 2013

Hi Andrey

is there a feature of the pattern training of characters in Cloud OCR SDK?


Anastasia Galimova posted this 19 March 2013

(internal request #344109)

Hi Ban

Unfortunately, Cloud OCR SDK does not have this feature now.

Could you please describe your task in detail, to let us to improve our product in the future? We need - the scenario of your task, - the image samples you want to recognize, - the API that could be suitable for your task.

For example, we are able to implement the pattern training in the following way: 1) you send us images of each character you want to recognize, 2) we return you a file with the trained patterns, 3) you use this file during the recognition.

Is this way suitable for your task?

Thank you for the collaboration!

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Vitalie posted this 27 March 2013

Regarding the question of Ban... Anastasia, it is possible to use "trained pattern" exported from ABBYY Fine Reader for example?

Anastasia Galimova posted this 02 April 2013

Hello Vitalie,

Our analyst says that in the latest versions of FineReader user patterns are included in FineReader projects, that could not be supported by Cloud OCR SDK.

He asked if you want to train patterns in FineReader, why don't you use FineReader for the recognition?

It is possible to create a web-utility for training patterns in the same way as in FineReader, but it is rather expensive and should be realized only if it is really actual. The algorithm, which was described in my previous post, is cheaper.

Vitalie posted this 05 April 2013

Hi Anastasia, Why don`t use FineReader for recognition? The answer is simple - automation. With ocrsdk API I can automate my tasks, with FR I cannot do it in automatic mode because it does not have API... (Yes, I know that you have RS3.5, but... cloud is more comfortable - this is the future.) Thankyou for answer!