Can SDK be used from C++, also can you send a single letter from memory

  • Last Post 09 April 2013
freemanbobj posted this 09 April 2013

SDK for C++? also acrobat has a 'font drawing' engine...for CID type fonts, could we pass the rendering returned from that engine on to Abby and get an ascii value back?

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Andrey Isaev posted this 09 April 2013

There is no doubt such a powerful language as C++ can be used to work with ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK. However, C++ standard does not include high level libraries to work with HTTP, so you will need to use some third party library. For this very reason we do not have C++ sample code available.

You can pass any image to OCR as long it is encoded in one of supported image formats.

UPD: ABBYY also offers offline OCR SDK for Windows so you can contact regional sales office to request trial.

freemanbobj posted this 09 April 2013

Hello...somehow I've ended up in the 'Cloud' area...don't want that ...I want to be able to make calls from an Acrobat sdk plugin in C++ on possible? how do I download the sdk if possible? thank you