processBusinessCard gives 200 but in response status is queued

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udayveerpatial posted this 13 April 2013

I am Posting the image file to Although I get 200, but I get the following response : <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><response><task id="15de8fa4-24bd-468c-b715-b179210c77c5" registrationtime="2013-04-13T12:08:51Z" statuschangetime="2013-04-13T12:08:52Z" status="Queued" filescount="1" credits="5" estimatedprocessingtime="2"/></response>

Anything wrong with request or is it the OCR cloud problem??

udayveerpatial posted this 13 April 2013

Ok resolved. Need to do certain steps after that. Went through the documentation and resolved.

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