URL instead of uploading a file

  • Last Post 26 April 2013
Arnd posted this 26 April 2013


from the API reference i did not get if it is to provide a URL of a file to be recognized instead of uploading it. It that possible?

Btw, does the SDK use the same engine as Finereader online? Thus, i can expect the same quality?

Thanks, Arnd

Dmitry Me posted this 26 April 2013

Referencing an image by providing a URL is not supported at the moment, you have to pass the file contents inside the HTTP POST request body - in effect upload the image within the request.

Deep under the hood ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK service uses the same OCR core as FineReader Online, but it may be a slightly different version and under-the-hood fine-tuning may be done differently, so there may be some minor differences in recognition results and quality, but other than that the results will be very similar.