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vmakhaev posted this 26 April 2013

Why Cloud OCR SDK doesn`t have npm package and JSON format for exporting?

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Anastasia Galimova posted this 29 April 2013

Could you please describe a scenario where you need the mentioned features?

Dmitry Me posted this 30 April 2013

What exactly would you want to see inside the package?

mikehal posted this 12 February 2014

JSON or at least csv is critical. Please! If you can output xlsx surely you can output csv without any additional parsing

Anastasia Galimova posted this 12 February 2014

We can export to XML. Could you describe the scenario when JSON or CSV are needed?

mikehal posted this 12 February 2014

receipt scan returns a line by line array which I then regex into a subarray for each line - catch common recognition errors, break out quantity, price etc per line. If I lose the association between strings on a line i.e. item name and the price, it's impossible to use the output. The xlsx output is the only format that seems to provide line continuity 'out of the box' - it is amazingly accurate. It seems it should be a straight shot to csv if you already have xlsx worked out.

Patrick Pease posted this 28 May 2014

JSON is one of the simplest communication methods on the planet. I design my all of my object, models, communications, etc around a json model and then build all of my modules to communicate in JSON because json is self descriptive and natively supported by all modern languages.

The most USEFUL use case, which is also my particular case - I have a web app that takes a photo, send it to the server, sends it to abbyy, gets data back then...

If XML -> converts to JSON and sends to webapp for use by javascript in the app

IF JSON -> sends data directly to webapp which is directly useable by my javascript/node (also, saves me from having to code, decode, encode, translate to/from XML.

ronan0 posted this 05 March 2015

+1 for JSON.

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awynham posted this 13 December 2016

+1 for JSON please. While the samples for JavaScript show how to turn XML into JSON, the xml2js library is harder to use in a web client / mobile browser than it is with Node.js.