One page max dimensions

  • Last Post 06 May 2013
teleslon posted this 04 May 2013

Hello, I have to digitize a lot of short texts, I'm going to join them into an image and submit this image. What are max dimensions of the image that will be processed as one page? In my case there no scanned page at all.

Anastasia Galimova posted this 06 May 2013

Hello, teleslon!

Thank you for your question.

The physical size of your image should be less or equal than A4 page size.

  • physical size of image = ( PageWidthPixel / HorizontalResolutionDPI ) * ( PageHeightPixel / VerticalResolutionDPI )

  • A4 page size = (8,27 inches x 11,69 inches).

The recommended resolution in DPI is the following:

  • 300 dpi for regular texts (printed in fonts of size 10 pt or larger)
  • 400-600 dpi for texts printed in smaller fonts (9 pt or smaller)

The detailed information can be found in the Knowledge Base article.