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Leif posted this 3 weeks ago

We have a developer trial licence for the ABBYY engine, and according to the licence manager, it supports Arabic. I tried our development product with some Arabic text and it did not recognise it. Obviously our product works fine with Latin text. Do we have to specifically configure the ABBYY OCR engine to recognise Arabic, or does it do it by default? If so, how please? We are using the C++ interface, creating an instance of FREngine::IEngine etc.

Thank you. Leif

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Leif posted this 3 weeks ago

I think I have solved this one myself:

        FREngine::IRecognizerParamsPtr recognizerParamsPtr = enginePtr->CreateRecognizerParams();

It appears to work. :)

Truing posted this 2 weeks ago

Hey Leif, good job, it will be helpfull for us aswell! Thanks!

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Leif posted this 2 weeks ago

Incidentally, the text recognition accuracy depends on the font. I find that it does not work with Iranian and Saudi ID cards, but it did with a sample in a different Arabic font.

I also find thatfor font on a non uniform background, we need these settings:

void SetParameters(FREngine::IObjectsExtractionParamsPtr objectsExtractionParamsPtr)
    objectsExtractionParamsPtr->DetectTextOnPictures = VARIANT_TRUE;
    objectsExtractionParamsPtr->RemoveGarbage = VARIANT_TRUE;
    objectsExtractionParamsPtr->EnableAggressiveTextExtraction = VARIANT_TRUE;

Please let me know if you find any 'tricks'. And I hope you are not one of our competitors. ;)

Oksana Serdyuk posted this 5 days ago

You can also try to use the TextExtraction_Accuracy predefined profile. Please read more about how to work with profiles in the Developer's Help→Guided Tour→Advanced Techniques→Working with Profiles and Specifications→Predefined Profiles Specification.