Can OCR page only which is not ocr in pdf file using FR Engine 10

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aravindb posted this 2 weeks ago

      Can we OCR which is non ocr pages only in pdf files ?
I mean if we have 10 pages pdf file, if 4,7,9 pages are non ocr and others are ocr'd already, when we pass whole file to FR Engine, it will detect non ocr pages and ocr that files only, other pages are automatically skipped.

OR can we pass page numbers to ocr the pdf file. Is any parameters got ?

Because, if we ocr again and again already ocr'd files, then file quality will decrease and words are became blur.

Note: using vb code.


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Nikolay Krivchanskiy posted this 5 days ago

Hi Aravind,

If you know beforehand which pages you need to recognize, you can use FRDocument::Pages method to get access to collection of pages in this document. 

Considering the fact, that by calling FRPage::Recognize method for each page, and not for the document as whole, you can recognize only certain pages. 

Also when you first add file to FRDocument object, via FRDocument::AddImageFile method, as third parameter you pass IntsCollection, which contains numbers of pages you are going to add to FRDocument. 

Please also note that you can save and load both FRDocument and FRPage objects, to load them later.

For more information about FRDocument, please refer to Help → API Reference → Document-Related Objects → Document Organization → FRDocument.


aravindb posted this 4 days ago

    If we pass 10 pages pdf file into FRDocumnet,  Abbyy will skip already ocr'd pages and ocr the non ocr pages,
I mean if we append non ocr pges to already ocr'd pdf file, then we will send to abbyy, that time it will skip already ocr'd pages or still do ocr for all pages in that pdf file.