Error:Failed to resolve: :abbyy-rtr-sdk-1.0:

  • Last Post 26 April 2017
abhinandnandu posted this 25 April 2017

what is this error am getting while bulding the sample project "Error:Failed to resolve: :abbyy-rtr-sdk-1.0: "


i have created lib directory and copied .arr file in it,

copied Asset folder and license file as discribed in the following link.

is there any solution ?




Oksana Serdyuk posted this 26 April 2017

The sample can be open and built directly from the folder where it is, but you need to copy only:

  • the license file from the license folder to the assets folder
  • and then the assets folder into the app/src/main folder in the sample folder.

Please do not change other folders, or if you have already created a new libs directory, you need to set the correct path to this folder in the sample.