Cannot upload - Timed out

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Workpower posted this 31 May 2013

Hi Users/Support,

Environment: Eval Version Cloud OCR SDK , C#

I am processing images/docs scanned as PDF files and the size varies fron 4kb to MBs. All files less than 7 MB complete the workflow, although the time for the 7MB takes around 23 mins( which is huge).

The problem I am dealing with is when I input files of size >7MB. I get an exception and webservice returns "Timed out"- Cannot upload error.

I am not sure if my api ProcessImage as i call fails to process it or I should be using someother settings and API. I see the problem even When I set to mode to ProcessingModeEnum.MultiPage ( asthe source files is 1).

Please suggest if I am missing anything.


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Anastasia Galimova posted this 04 June 2013

Hi Workpower,

The issue may occur due to the slow internet connection, so we recommend to increase the internet connection speed if it is possible.

Also it can be helpful to increase the timeout on your side. To increase the timeout, add the line

request.Timeout = 1000000; //time in milliseconds

right after the line

WebRequest request = WebRequest.Create(url);

Workpower posted this 04 June 2013

Thanks Anastasia for the response.

I ran a speed test and it shows the following: Ping 5s, Download speed : 70.17Mbops, Upload speed : 30.93Mbps.

are these not acceptable ? Most of our sites where we would use the apis will have speed only closer to this.

And the upload size can vary between 4kb to may be 1 gb.

Please suggest.


Workpower posted this 04 June 2013

Edit: A folder containing 4 files 6mb , 2mb, 4 mb ...uploads file but asingle file of 12 mb fails with the same speed specs.