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Jaroo posted this 08 July 2013

Hello, I'm using example script for php (with Zend 2 server) to upload pdf files to scan. On script result I get empty file 'upload', while no errors were reported. It happens each time i try to upload file bigger then 1MB, for smaller files works fine.

EDIT ---

here's file example: FILE EXAMPLE

here's script(almost the same as example script from support): SCRIPT

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SDK_support posted this 12 July 2013

Hello Jaroo,

We will be glad to investigate this situation as soon as we will receive the detailed description of the situation. Could you please provide us with the code snippet and the image file? You will probably find the helpful the response link:here.

Best regards, Katja

Jaroo posted this 31 July 2013

Hi Katja, thanks for tips, but it doesn't fix the issue. I still get the empty file with no errors. Now i think it might be php issue, because when i debug script the download of the empty file start the on sleep() function.

Anastasia Galimova posted this 31 July 2013

Since the issue occurs for the large files only, probably the timeout error occurs. We recommend to increase the timeout in your code. Please inform us about the result.