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Vitalie posted this 31 October 2013


I sent to ocrsdk a pdf file which contains 4 pages with correctOrientation "true" parameter (I always do so). All pages was as A4 Portrait orientation. After recognition i received a pdf where pages 1-2-4 was as A4 Portrait, but page "3" as A4 Landscape. I think it is a bug in your page orientation algorithm. Please can I submit you original pdf file for bug correction?

PS: why I can`t attach a pdf to my question? alt text

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Anastasia Galimova posted this 05 November 2013

The wrong image rotation is a bug in our technologies. Please send the source file to CloudOCRSDK@abbyy.com to let us fix the issue in the future.

Forum allows to attach pictures only, PDF cannot be attached. We are consulting if this feature could be implemented.

Vitalie posted this 05 November 2013

Thank you, Anastasia. I sent email for your attention.

Anastasia Galimova posted this 07 November 2013

Thank you for the file!

The issue is not reproduced in the next version of the technologies. Unfortunately, we cannot provide the exact dates when its implementing to Cloud OCR SDK will be finished - about the first quarter 2014.