setting portuguese language

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feijones posted this 06 November 2013

I've tried the command --lang=Portuguese, but it throws me an exception:

Exception occured:Error: Unknown language Portuguese
java.lang.Exception: Error: Unknown language Portuguese
    at com.abbyy.ocrsdk.Client.getResponse(
    at com.abbyy.ocrsdk.Client.processImage(
    at TestApp.performRecognition(
    at TestApp.main(

And that's pretty much it, thanks already.



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Julia Anikushina posted this 06 November 2013

ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK supports standard Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese. See list of all available languages here.

For example, to recognize text in Brazil Portuguese use the command --lang=PortugueseBrazilian

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feijones posted this 06 November 2013

That page is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks a lot Julia. :)