How to 'force' the cloud SDK to recognize only numbers

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SDK Support Team posted this 13 June 2012

We are using the Java SDK example for recognition with "textField" parameter, and supplying the letterSet as "0123456789". It recognizes all the other numbers properly, but confuses the "3" to either "X", or "I", or some special characters every time.

Is there a way to force the SDK to recognize only numbers. e.g. instead of identifying it as "X", it can make a best effort to recognize it as a number. i.e. "3" or even "6" ?

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SDK Support Team posted this 13 June 2012

To recognize only digits it is recommended to set special language, "Digits". See list of all available languages here.

Another hint is to change size and resolution of the image so that letters height is ~ 100 pixels @ 300 dpi

Deepak Mahajan posted this 21 August 2017

Where can I get  "Digits" language? Can you please provide the same?

Nikolay Krivchanskiy posted this 21 August 2017

Hi Deepak,


The list of available languages is available on our website


Please note, that ‘Digits’ language is only available for OCR and ICR.



To use this language in processing, please add following text in your HTTP request with parameters: “&language=Digits”.

Deepak Mahajan posted this 21 August 2017

Hello Nikolay,


Thanks for the reply!

Actually I am implementing it for the iOS platform so I was looking for .edc file.

Oksana S. posted this 21 August 2017

Do we understand correctly that you use RTК SDK? If so, the Digits language is not supported in RTR SDK, but it is possible to create a custom language file which will contain only necessary characters. For that you should use the Extended Version of the product. Please see the Licensing web page for details.

Deepak Mahajan posted this 01 September 2017

 Hello Team,


Yes I am using RTR sdk. Sometimes it gets much time to recognise text. I put the log in callback of "onBufferProcessedWithTextLines" that is RTRRecognitionServiceDelegate, it also comes after some time. Is there anything need to do?

Diana Khammatova posted this 08 September 2017

Please pay attention to the RTRResultStabilityStatus.Result stability status is the estimate of how stable the result is, and whether it is likely to be improved by adding new frames. If you for example chose RTRResultStabilityTentative value instead of RTRResultStabilityStable, it will take less time to reach this level of stability but the average quality of the result will be worse.However we do not recommend using the results in any way while stability is below RTRResultStabilityAvailable.