JAVA example EEOR

  • Last Post 15 March 2014
xwd posted this 05 March 2014

Hi! I want test java example I used eclipse IDE for develop.But this example show : Process documents using ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK. Uploading image 1/1.. Processing.. Waiting.. Task failed

how can I solve this problem!or who can tell me how to recongnize several fields on a document,what's main process should I do.The official website are too little in api introduce thanks so much!

Anastasia Galimova posted this 15 March 2014

According to the Help from our Java sample, to recognize several fields on a page you can call the sample application with the following parameters:

java TestApp processFields image1.jpg image2.jpg image3.tif settings.xml result.xml

Settings.xml file is decribed in the article XML Parameters of Field Recognition.

According to the logs of your applications, rather often your images cannot be processed because the specified region is outside the image boundaries.