Can't open license description for license FXPX-xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Last Post 24 March 2014
hsrt posted this 22 March 2014


I installed a tar file. And I run on terminal ./ and the compiler says that :

Activation successfully completed. To view license properties, please run: abbyyocr9LV <serialnumber> To run ABBYY OCR CLI command: abbyyocr9 [open image and analysis options] -if <image file=""> [export options] -of <export file="">

When I write "abbyyocr9LV FXPX-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx", the terminal says that Can't open license description for license FXPX-xxxxxxxxxx

Svetlana posted this 24 March 2014


As we understand, you are using the abbyyocr9 tool. Please note this forum deals with questions related to the ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK. Regarding the abbyyocr9 issues, please contact the ABBYY Europe technical support at In your message to this email address please include your exact license number as it is required for further investigation of your issue.

Best regards, ABBYY Europe Technical Support Service