single submitImage call for multiple page PDF

  • Last Post 26 July 2012
greatrat00 posted this 03 July 2012


I'm trying to submit a 3 page PDF with a single submitImage call. Then trying to processFields on 3 differente pages (which correspond to this 3 page PDF).

I'm getting ProcessingFailed errors when I do this. However, if I break the PDF up into 3 different PDFs and process using three different submitImage calls, it works. Are PDF pages not interpreted as OCR SDK 'pages'?

Thanks, Adam

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Dmitry Me posted this 04 July 2012

This behavior is caused by a bug in the service code and is not the intended behavior. Specifically when processFields is used to queue a task only the first page of each document in that task is processed. This is why when you reference any page except the first one (with index 0) in the processFields settings XML the task processing fails. We will fix this and the fix will appear in the next service update.

UPD The fix for the bug causing this behavior has been deployed.

Dmitry Me posted this 10 July 2012

The fix for the bug causing this behavior has been deployed.

greatrat00 posted this 11 July 2012

Great news! I'll try to look into it today and confirm.

Thanks, Adam

greatrat00 posted this 25 July 2012

Hi Dmitry,

I've tested it, but something weird is happening.

I only have one PDF on my server and am submitting that PDF. It seems like when I run the task it is using another (old) PDF that I had submitted previously to do the OCR. As if the old PDF is stuck in the queue and no matter what I submit it only reads that PDF.

Thanks, Adam

SDK Support Team posted this 26 July 2012

Strange. Could you please provide additional information? We need your app id, both images, and task ids if you stored them. Please send all this to support e-mail.