Batch processing multiple serial numbers in one image

  • Last Post 22 October 2014
ocr_newbie posted this 19 October 2014

The serial number has this pattern: [A-Z0-9]{16}

The single item is like: scan.png

I want to scan 10 or more of this items in one page and process the image on my computer. Like type: java TestApp processFields scan.png settings.xml result.xml

I know some Java and Python, but couldn't figure out how to write settings.xml since the items might have different positions during different scan.

I need some suggestions on this task. Thank you!

Oksana S. posted this 22 October 2014

To use the processFields method you should specify necessary recognition settings through the corresponding XML file. This XML file should have the left, top, right, bottom attributes for the field instance. If you don’t know coordinates of the fields you want to process, you can use the processImage method for the whole page recognition.

Also I’d like to recommend you to think about ABBYY Data Capture products for your scenario.