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edpsycher posted this 24 December 2014

I need to collect shorter and longer student handwritten essays and have those converted to .txt files.

What are the limitations with OCR SDK?

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Julia Anikushina posted this 24 December 2014

ABBYY technologies allows to recognize the handwritten text only if the characters are written separately (so-called "handprinted text"). Also you should consider that automatic layout analysis is not available for handprinted text, so the coordinates of the blocks that contain handprinted text must be specified manually.

We recommend you to take a look at the processTextField method and to pay your attention on the article with some details in documentation.

MatthewARuiz posted this 14 August 2019

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cliffR posted this 12 September 2019

I'm not too sure yet, I'm still learning the basics but am interested in learning as well!

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Kerisun posted this 10 October 2019

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