reading processDocument-method's results related to only certain source images

  • Last Post 16 January 2015
ville posted this 29 December 2014


Is it possible to somehow distinguish the processImage-method's results based on the source images?

Let's say, I have first submitted 5 files using submitImage-method. Then I call processDocument and after the results are ready, i would like to read all the results related to different source files separately or at least at some point i would need to be able to separate the results based on source files. I'm just not sure if this is possible somehow?

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Oksana S. posted this 31 December 2014

Season greetings and thank you for using software produced by our company!

Unfortunately, corresponding possibility is not implemented in the processDocument method.

Could you please describe your usage scenario to let us discuss this feature with our team?

ville posted this 02 January 2015

Thank you and season greetings to you as well!

Ok, the core reason why I ended up asking this question was because I was thinking of some ways to reduce the amount of requests send to OCR cloud server. I thought that I might have been able to speed up my processes a bit if it would require only one result download request for all N number of files instead of N amount of separate requests.

Best regards, Ville

Oksana S. posted this 16 January 2015

We have discussed your request with our analyst and developers. If we implement image processing as you suggest the images will not be processed faster.

Firstly, the architecture of our service does not imply faster processing of multipage jobs. In fact, N single jobs will be processed faster than one job in N pages.

Secondly, it takes very little time to process requests for results downloading from our service. This is due to the fact that file transferring is performed with the help of MS Azure infrastructure, which is responsible for data storage, and is not performed by a working service instance.