401 Unauthorized. Please check your application id and password

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evallejos posted this 20 September 2018

I'm trying to authenticate but I get this error, try to reset the app's password and even then it returns the same error. verify the id and password and they are correctly. Can somebody help me?

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Mohit Jain posted this 5 weeks ago

@evallejos Did u came across any solution for this issue??

Helen Osetrova posted this 5 weeks ago



The most common cause is some extra spaces copied with the password when you highlighted part of the text with a new password from the email. To avoid this you can copy the password to a text editor and then to the form. The password consists only of 24 characters.
Also when you type your email address and the password please double-check the symbols that look alike (for example, the capital letter I [ ai ] and the lowercase letter l [ el ]). 



If these recommendations do not help you, please contact us via cloudocrsdk@abbyy.com and send us the logs from any HTTP debugger (such as Fiddler or Wireshark). It will allow us to understand what requests you send to the server.


evallejos posted this 5 weeks ago

try to generate a password several times and perform all the steps mentioned and still sent me this error Error: Can not read property 'id' of undefined. I'm using the example code for nodejs


example code :


var password = 'ysJucrZE20WjTOUphbggEYxZ';

evallejos posted this 5 weeks ago

not yet, and buy a payment plan and I can not use the service for this error