[FR Engine 11 SDK] Can I export pages to multiple FileWriters ?

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maol posted this 17 April 2015

When exporting to a FileWriter, it exports all the pages to it:

document.ExportToMemory(FileWriter, FileExportFormatEnum.FEF_TextUnicodeDefaults, null);

Now what I would like is exporting each individual pages to a individual FileWriter.

How can I do this ?

I noticed there is an Export method on FRPage but no ExportToMemory to support FileWriter :'(

Natalia Karaseva posted this 20 April 2015


Indeed, the export to memory is available only for the whole FRDocument. As a workaround, you could separate images, I mean, to put each image to the single FRDoc, and then export them to memory.

It would be great if you contact the technical support and write them about this suggestion to add IFRPage::ExportToMemory in FREngine API and also about your processing scenario details.

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