[Cloud] How to use the xml:writeFieldComponents parameter in Java sample

  • Last Post 24 April 2015
ara posted this 23 April 2015

I am scanning businesscards based upon the java example provided. However, it is not clear to me how to use the xml:writeFieldComponents parameter in the Client or BusCardSettings classes. Is this possible or should I create/use another REST client?

Oksana S. posted this 24 April 2015

You should modify the code in such way that your URL has the parameter xml:writeFieldComponents with the corresponding value. For example, you can modify the BusCardSettings class here in the line 17:

return String.format("language=%s&xml:writeFieldComponents=true&exportFormat=xml", language, outputFormat);

Please note that this parameter can be used only if the exportFormat parameter is set to xml.