How to get the text orientation?

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rblasco posted this 03 October 2012


is there a way to know the text orientation of an image when calling to processImage method and getting the results in xml format?

In the documentation I saw that there's an attribute named "orientation" related to the "text" tag but it is optional and I can't find it in none of my xml result files.

Should I use the "correctOrientation" parameter when calling processImage to get information about the text orientation of the input image? How can I achieve it?


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Dmitry Me posted this 04 October 2012

orientation is only written out if it differs from normal.

rblasco posted this 04 October 2012

ok, thanks for the answer

Bossdroid posted this 19 October 2012

I want to ocr the MICR character and Bank detail from cheque image.I complete TextFieldSettings settings = new TextFieldSettings();
settings.setLanguage("E13B"); settings.setTextType("e13b"); for MICR recognition in one project and I complete TextFieldSettings settings = new TextFieldSettings();
settings.setLanguage("English"); settings.setTextType("OCRB"); for Bankdetail recognition in another project both works perfectly.But in integrate both in same project doesn't work.I use method like TextFieldSettings settings = new TextFieldSettings(); settings.setLanguage("E13B,English"); settings.setTextType("e13b,OCRB");.How can I work that?