Calling the service in javascript or JQuery

  • Last Post 20 July 2015
rcampbellB posted this 17 July 2015

I've been trying to use the service with both pure javascript and now JQuery via an AJAX call, but the service is giving me an 'unsupported file type' error. Is it possible to call the service this way and if so, how should I format my AJAX message?

Anna Falevskaya posted this 20 July 2015


ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK is a Web API, so you can use it in any development tool supporting communication over the network. You can find a set of code samples on the different programming languages at our Samples Page, including the JavaScript sample. Our JavaScript sample shows how to read data from a file and then to form a request for sending to the service (the ocrsdk.prototype.processImage function). Unfortunately, we have not a ready sample code in JavaScript or any instructions for reading data from other sources.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that our Cloud OCR SDK service cannot work with data encoded in base64, it is necessary to pass binary data as is.