[FlexiCapture Engine 8] User dictionary implemented by DB

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Cmoutier posted this 07 August 2015


First sorry for my bad english, I'm French.

I have developed a VB.NET application to read text blocks. I have created a FlexiCapture Pro. These text block has a user dictionary to improve recognition, but on Flexi Capture Pro application, I can't do that. How can I, on my VB.NET application, automatically modify the user dictionary by connecting on the DB?

If it is possible of course...

Thanks a lot

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Julia Anikushina posted this 11 August 2015

Could you please clarify whether FineReader Engine API is enabled in your license?

Cmoutier posted this 11 August 2015

The FREngine.dll is

Julia Anikushina posted this 11 August 2015

Unfortunately, there is no possibility to create a user dictionary in FlexiCapture Engine 8. It appeared in newer versions of product.

But you can create a user dictionary in FineReader Engine 8 by using the Dictionary object. The Dictionary object allows you to add and remove words using its methods, and to edit the dictionary with the help of the Dictionary dialog box. This dialog box allows you to import any text file in Windows ANSI and Unicode encoding (the only requirement is that words must be separated by spaces or other non-alphabetic characters).

For more information please refer to the FineReader Engine Help file → Programmer's Guide → Dictionaries in FineReader Engine.