Demo OCR code MICR CMC7

  • Last Post 14 August 2015
Hook posted this 13 August 2015

I am testing the system and I have sent a png file with a spanish check and the MICR CMC7 line has not translated.

It is a problem of the demo platform or the MICR CMC7 code is not working.


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Oksana S. posted this 14 August 2015

Our Demo Tool has limited functionality.

Please use one of our code samples for full testing.

For correct recognition of the MICR characters, you should set certain recognition parameters:

  • for field-level recognition (the processTextField method) it is necessary to specify the corresponding text type (the cmc7 value) directly for the blocks which are to be recognized as MICR;
  • for full-page recognition (the processImage method) you should also set the corresponding value for the textType parameter and choose a right name for the recognition language.

Hook posted this 14 August 2015

Thank for your quick response.

I will use the code sample.