FREngine.ILanguageDatabase.CreateCompoundTextLanguage Error

  • Last Post 07 December 2015
hakanaktan posted this 02 December 2015

We are using FREngine 10 and using OCR with our software. One of our customer receives error about language files. We tried Turkish and English languages but we strill receive the error.

System.Exception: GetIndexData error ---> System.Exception: Perform OCR error ---> bn: Engine is busy ---> System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException: Recogntion language 'English' can not be found. at FREngine.ILanguageDatabase.CreateCompoundTextLanguage(StringsCollection LanguageNames)

I checked the language files and they are just they have to be. And added path of files to system settings. Here is the code:

    **internal static TextLanguage CreateTextLanguage(List<string> languages)
        FREngine.StringsCollection recognitionLanguages = ImageProcessingEngine.FREngine.CreateStringsCollection();
        foreach (string item in languages)
            recognitionLanguages.Insert(item, 0);
        ILanguageDatabase langDatabase = ImageProcessingEngine.FREngine.CreateLanguageDatabase();
        FREngine.TextLanguage textLanguage =
        return textLanguage;

Oksana S. posted this 07 December 2015


Please sorry for the delay in the response.

I've just run your code snippet in our standard Hello sample and it seems to work well after I've added "FREngine.LanguageDatabase" before creation of a LanguageDatabase object ("langDatabase"):

FREngine.LanguageDatabase langDatabase = engineLoader.Engine.CreateLanguageDatabase();
FREngine.TextLanguage textLanguage = langDatabase.CreateCompoundTextLanguage(recognitionLanguages);

However, this is hardly is your problem because without this line the code is not compiled and the error message is other one.

Kindly send to the following additional information, if the issue is still insisting:

  1. the serial number of your FineReader Engine package;
  2. a simplified application project with short instructions how the situation can be reproduced on our side;
  3. the AInfo reports from the machine on which the issue occurs. How to create this report please see the article: