Why recognition process takes so long

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TBak posted this 29 February 2016

I use ProcessDocument method and I have a problem with speed of recognition. When I process one page it take 5-8 seconds and when I try to process document with 30 pages then the rocognition proces take 20 minutes. It's not a problem with internet connection, becouse upload image take 10 seconds. Is there posibility to inproved this.

Oksana S. posted this 29 February 2016

The processing time depends on the image you recognize, the settings you use and the internet connection speed, and it is calculated in the following way:

Processing time = Time for transferring a file over the Internet + Time in queue + Time for OCR

If you say that there is no a problem with the internet connection, then we should check the recognition settings which can improve the OCR speed on ABBYY's side. Please review the following FAQ section: Why are my images processed for too long?

To get some certain recommendations, please send us the 30-pages image to CloudOCRSDK@abbyy.com, and we will test it on our side.

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