Error trying to load FREngine.dll (FR11)

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s0crates posted this 09 March 2016

I'm trying to load FREngine.dll using the samples code for v11. This worked fine for v10.

    Dim enginePath As String = Path.Combine(VBSamplesConfig.GetFreDllFolder(), "FREngine.dll")
    Dim developerSN As String = VBSamplesConfig.GetFreDeveloperSN(sKey <> "")

    ' Changing current directory so the system could locate all dlls needed
    Dim oldDirectory As String = System.Environment.CurrentDirectory
    System.Environment.CurrentDirectory = System.IO.Path.GetDirectoryName(enginePath)

    ' Load the FREngine.dll library
    dllHandle = LoadLibrary(enginePath)

I am getting this error:

alt text

The procedure entry point ?GenerateCheck@FObj@@YAXABVCError@1@PB_W11@Z could not be located in the dynamic link library FineObj.dll

Normally the project is set at Any CPU, but I've also tried with x86 and still get the same error. The project is a WCF Service and it loads the engine through a class library (also set to x86).

If I set the project back to Any CPU and try with either Bin (same error) or Bin64 it doesn't work.

If I create a new forms project and try with the same way it works fine (with both 32 and 64 bit versions).

As mentioned, this is fine for V10, but not for V11

Any ideas what is causing this error?

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Beliakova Svetlana posted this 16 March 2016

Hi, In order we can investigate this situation please sed to the following additional information: 1) The serial number of the ABBYY FineReader Engine 11. 1) Please describe in more details how FREngine 11 was installed on the machine. 2) Could you also send us the AInfo report from the machine where the issue occurs. To create the report please do the following: Go to the Engine installation folder, the \Bin\Support subfolder. Run AInfo.exe and wait until all necessary information is gathered. Send us the generated archive. Waiting for your response!