example c++ code

  • Last Post 27 December 2012
xprogrammer posted this 25 December 2012

Hello , i tried to find a sample code c++ for sdk but i didn't . Can you help me if you have .


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SDK Support Team posted this 26 December 2012

There is no c++ code sample, mostly because there aren't standard http libraries in c++.

xprogrammer posted this 26 December 2012

ok but i work on my local pc. not on cloud application.

Dmitry Me posted this 27 December 2012

With Cloud OCR SDK all processing is done on the cloud, so you absolutely positively need a connection to http://cloud.ocrsdk.com to be able to upload your images and download OCR results. If you want completely standalone operation then Cloud OCR SDK is not suitable for you, you'll have to use some other products like for example ABBYY FineReader Engine.