Get data by Block or Field

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angusto posted this 23 May 2016

Hello, after processing and recognition what is the best way to get searched data? Speaking about tables, it's better to get tableBlock and TableBlockColumns and TableBlockCells or find the Filed of the Block and get it's childs like TableRow and TableCell? Thanks

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Ilya Sukhorukov posted this 27 May 2016

1) The best way to get searched data depends on your scenario. But basically there are 2 types of recognized data: blocks an fields. The blocks contain the data received after recognition, while the fields contain the recognized data, to which the rules defined in the Document Definition were applied. Most probably you need fields. Please find the information about working with fields in “Help → Guided Tour → Advanced Techniques → Working with Recognized Data”.

2) The difference between these methods of obtaining data is almost the same that between blocks and fields. Fields contain data that was modified by the rules defined in the Document Definition, while TableBlocks contain only raw recognized data. Plus TableBlocks may include bound columns, which correspond to a table field in a Document Definition, and unbound columns, for which no field were found in the Document Definition. Bound columns contain recognized data, while unbound do not contain any recognized data. Please find more information about TableBlock in “Help file →API Reference → Objects → Document Structure → Block Types → TableBlock”.

angusto posted this 07 June 2016

Thank you! Angelo