[FlexiCapture Engine 11] exporting data to xml with word&char confidence level and location.

  • Last Post 06 July 2016
kyounsud posted this 02 July 2016

I am exporting recognized data to xml using FlexiCapture 11 Engine SDK . this is what I am calling -> "processor.ExportDocumentEx()" how to include word/char confidence and location into xml result?

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Anna Savinova posted this 05 July 2016

The FileExportParams contains field XMLParams. So the "XMLParams.MarkSuspiciousSymbols = true" and "XMLParams.ExportFieldPosition = true" properties can be used this situation.

Please, read more about this properties in Help → API Reference → Export Parameters Object → XMLExportParams.

kyounsud posted this 06 July 2016

Thank you that works for me!!