How applied ***ProcessImage*** to multiple images at the same time

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thabet idris posted this 11 July 2016


I have applied ProcessImage in my application C# with sucess , but just for one Photo (Prenom.jpg), and this is my code :

string language = "Arabic";

        ProcessingSettings settings = new ProcessingSettings();



String sourceFilePath = @"C:\CINPROCESSING\Prenom.jpg";

        OcrSdkTask task = restClient.ProcessImage(sourceFilePath, settings);

        String outputFileBase = @"C:\CINPROCESSING\Prenom.txt";

        task = waitForTask(task, restClient);

        restClient.DownloadResult(task, outputFileBase);

I want to apply ProcessImage to multiple photos at same time : Prenom.jpg , Nom.jpg, Date.jpg

How i fix that?


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Oksana S. posted this 11 July 2016

You can use the processDocument method for that. This method allows you to process several images using the same settings and obtain recognition result as a multi-page document, i.e. the output will be one single file with many pages.

At first, you should upload several images to one task using submitImage method and receive the corresponding task ID. Then you should call the processDocument method where the task ID is transmitted as a parameter.

This method is implemented in our C# code sample.

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thabet idris posted this 11 July 2016

Thanks , it works