Rotation image via fine reader engine

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xprogrammer posted this 31 December 2012

Hello , how to rotate the image by using fine reader engine?

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Anastasia Galimova posted this 04 January 2013

To rotate the image manually, you can use either IImageDocument::Transform method, or IPrepareImageMode::Rotation property. Also the image can be rotated automatically, if you set PageProcessingParams::DetectOrientation property to true. The detailed descriptions of these methods can be found in the Help file.

To save the rotated image in an external format, use WriteToFile method for required plan of ImageDocument object.

Happy posted this 28 April 2013

you may rotate selected images counterclockwise or with a customized rotation angle using fine image programme.

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  • Rama Reddy
Rama Reddy posted this 09 November 2018

Hi Anastasia,

I tried all three ways DetectOrientation,Transform and Rotation. But we have to set the property  RotationTypeEnum based on the required rotation angle. Based on document the rotation angle can be changed. How can I identify how much rotation the image needs and so that I can pass the required rotation to that particular property? 

Rama Reddy posted this 09 November 2018

Hi Happy,

I am using ABBYY java SDK. Can you suggest me how can we the same with java?