Load IEngine from another computer's Flexicapture SDK

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Shaown posted this 11 August 2016

How can i initialize the engineLoader from another computer where the FlexiCaputre SDK installed. The scenerio is:

        IEngineLoader engineLoader = Engine.CreateEngineOutprocLoader();
        IEngine engine = engineLoader.Load(serialNumber, dllPath);

        IFlexiCaptureProcessor processor = engine.CreateFlexiCaptureProcessor();            

        IDocument document = processor.RecognizeNextDocument();

What i want to do is, from the above code snippet the dllPath dir resides on another computer. And the above code running on the computer that hasn't any installation FlexiCapture SDK. It only has the required jar. What i have to do now to achieve this???

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Anna Falevskaya posted this 31 August 2016


You need FlexiCapture Engine to be installed on the machine for correct work with it. This means that the recognition process can be run only on the machine where FlexiCapture Engine is installed. For example, you can organize the transfer of images from several machines to one machine with installed FCE so that the recognition of all images is performed on this one machine. But you can't achieve the configuration described in your message.

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Shaown posted this 20 September 2016

thanks a lot