Create document definition from fillable PDF

  • Last Post 13 September 2016
chrisl91 posted this 13 September 2016

Is it possible to generate a document definition from a fillable PDF? A competitor to Abbyy will detect the form fields on a PDF and auto-create all the document elements for all the check boxes and text fields. Does your product also do that? This is a great feature because a form may have many fields and check boxes and we have many forms to create document definitions for. It will take a long time if we have to manually create all the fields.

Also, when I use the feature "Auto detect object by type", it won't detect any of the text fields and only some of the check boxes from my blank PDF. For instance, there might be 3 check boxes in a check box group, but it only detects 2 of them.

Oksana Serdyuk posted this 13 September 2016

Your question is related to ABBYY FlexiCapture desktop product. Could you please ask it on