OCR stopped working a few days ago

  • Last Post 18 October 2016
Michael Badichi posted this 17 October 2016

I used to process thousands of documents by now... and the service was working properly, a few days ago, the service stopped working, it does process my requests, providing me with an xml, but all there is in the xml is the document layout! no text is available! - the exact code used to work before, something changed on your system a few days ago!

unfortunately your site does not allow me to include source code (your web application firewall screams at me that the transfer is blocked), and i dont have enough karma to upload images.

i am using nodejs with your ocrsdk.js, i am using English,Hebrew as languages, and xml for output format.

Oksana S. posted this 18 October 2016

As I have just written to you by email, please try to use the textExtraction profile (according to our logs, you use the documentConversion profile). This profile allows to extract all text from the input image, including small text areas of low quality.